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General Manager

For some, running a restaurant is a business. For us, it is our calling. Our passion for food and fine dining comes first, business second. We are a chef-driven restaurant. For you, that means fine dining at its best. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable culinary experience.

General Manager Kristin Devine

General Manager Kristen Devine

Kristen Devine returns to The Avenue Grandview as the general manager after starting with the restaurant in 2016 as a server and bartender.

Born and raised in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, Devine grew up attending and hosting large family dinners. The hospitality she learned from a young age followed her to Columbus where she realized the restaurant industry was the perfect fit for her schedule and personality. After a few years of teaching high schoolers and working at The Avenue, her part-time restaurant position exceeded her expectations and began to take the forefront of Devine’s career aspirations.

Devine was even tapped to assist with the opening of The Avenue Dublin as the dining room manager in 2018 before rejoining the Grandview team.

Devine says she enjoys working in the restaurant industry because of the people. From the minute she walked into The Avenue for orientation, the energy excited her. She appreciates Cameron Mitchell Restaurants because everyone embraces the associates-first culture and community of the company.

“I come to work every day because I love what I do, and I love our team in Grandview. It really has become a family to me,” said Devine. “I believe everyone should have a job in the restaurant industry – it’s hard physically and emotionally but it is a great building block for so many opportunities and people to meet.”

Devine’s favorite piece of advice is to always remember to smile – “You never know who will see you smiling and how much they might need it.”

Outside of work, Devine enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors. She currently resides in Weiland Park with her dog, Ronald.